Quotes Good Angels Kosice vs. Cras Basket Taranto


Cras Basket Taranto Head Coach Roberto Ricchini

"Košice took 25 offensive rebounds and that fact decided about this match. We tried to recover this match back. When we lost only by 6 points in fourth quarter the home team's players scored important points and we had no more time for an answer."

Good Angels Košice Head Coach Štefan Svitek
"The game was developed exactly according to our expectations. We fought very hard to defend and we did a very good job. Our young team has mastered the difficult end of the meeting and the more I appreciate this victory."

Good Angels Košice player Erin Lawless
"It was a very hard match. Important from our side was, that we stayed focused during all the match. Now we can for a while celebrate, because we will play in play-offs definitely, but tomorrow we will start our preparation for the match in Moscow."


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