Quotes Gospic CO vs. CB Taranto


CB Taranto Head Coach Roberto Ricchini
"When a team plays like Gospic CO then the opponent doesn't have much of a chance. They were better than us in their jump shots and their shots. Their pick-and-roll is difficult to play against. Gospic CO had a lot of easy baskets. We congratulate them. When you receive over 90 points, then everything is said and done."

Gospic Head Coach Stipe Bralic
"Even though we played against a great team like Taranto, our team played their best ever tonight. We don't have to worry about the end result when the girls play as a team and get easy baskets against their opponents. The outside line got a lot of baskets and they are to be congratulated."

CB Taranto player Megan Mahoney
"We didn't have a chance to win since Gospic CO played better than us the entire game. We weren't able to fight against the amount of baskets they were giving. It was more than 64%. We congratulate them."

Gospic player Julie McBride
"We are happy and satisfied for we beat another great team. Everything seemed to go easily tonight. We're a good team and when the game goes well, as it did tonight, our coach lets us play freely and the fans think that we're just having fun. We played better the entire game and at the end, we won by more points than we did in Italy."


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