Quotes Gospic CO vs. Rivas Ecopolis


Miguel Martinez Mendez (Rivas Ecopolis, Head Coach):
"Gospic CO was better and they won. From the very beginning, we didn't play our best. We tried, but just couldn't. Their defense was much better and so was their offense. We just weren't able to control the game and that is why we lost the game. I congratulate Gospic CO on their win. They deserved it!"

Jelena Dubljevic (Rivas Ecopolis forward):
"Gospic CO played better than us. We were very tired from our very long trip, but that is not and cannot be an excuse. The better team won and we congratulate them."

Stipe Bralić (Gospić CO, Head Coach):
"When our opponent plays without an excellent center position, as we do not have one as well, then we play better. The faster the pace of the game, the better we play. Rivas is one of the best European basketball teams and we are proud of our girls who beat them two times for this is very difficult. The second round has just begun and we'll do our best in the competitions."

Sandra Mandir (Gospić CO guard):
"It's always a nice feeling to win. We were finally able to win a game at home and that against Rivas Ecopolis, one of the best basketball teams in Europe. We're very proud that we were able to break their winning streak of 5 wins. This gives us the strength to continue playing stronger in the second round of this competition so that we can achieve our goal".


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