Quotes Sparta&K Moscow Region vs. BLMA

23 November 2011

Pokey Chatman (Sparta&K coach):
"In order for us to continue winning we have to continue playing defense as good as we played in the second half where we kept one of highest scoring teams in the ELW below 30 points. I have to congratulate my team but I also have to give a special thanks to some of the players for hitting crucial shots."

Nika Baric (Sparta&K):
"It is great to be part of a team effort in which I contribute my share in a valuable win against a very good team. We have to continue working hard, listening to our [coaching] staff and being ready to do what is asked from us. I will continue working hard so that I may help my team as best as I can."

Valery Demory (BLMA):
"I am happy for my team's effort, especially in offense. But the fact that sometimes we 'forgot' to rebound and that Sparta&K is a great team and some of its key players hit some great shots in the last 3 minutes means that we return home with a loss. We will continue our effort to reach the Final 8."

Edwige Lawson - Wade (BLMA):
"Even though on paper we are leaving with a loss I feel like that, in a way, we won today. We played against one of the best teams in Europe. I am proud of my team's effort and this game will help us continue working hard and reaching the Istanbul F8."





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