Quotes Rivas Ecopolis vs. Gospic Croatia


Gospic CO Head Coach Stipe Bralic:
"I can say that I’m very happy because we won a very difficult game, Rivas is a very strong team with two excellent WNBA players, and four or five players in the Spanish national team. We didn’t play very well in offense in the first half, but on the second one we did better on the inside as well as on the outside, I think that’s where the key of the game was."

Gospic Guard Julie McBride:
"Well, we struggled a little bit offensively in the first half, but we played good defense. I had some troubles shooting oin the first half, but I could shoot well, which I needed, because I’ve been practicing a lot. So it’s a good break for us for the season, we have a good squad and we play well as a team, so It’s a good win for us to start the season."

Rivas Head Coach Miguel Méndez:
"We don’t have still our team the way we want to, it’s not an excuse, but we haven’t yet been able to practice with our complete squad, not even once. We lost Amaya today, we couldn’t play Sliskovic, and important players were suffering from minor injuries. We didn’t have good shots, but we have to find some other ways to win games."

Rivas Forward Vega Gimeno:
"We didn't play well for too many minutes. Our team was hurt by injuries, and the lack of practicing was clear when it came to set the tempo of the game. We didn’t also have any success with our shots. I don’t think Gospic is a better team than us, but we didn’t demonstrate it. We have to analyze in depth this game."


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