Quotes Rivas Ecópolis vs. Frisco Brno


Frisco Brno Head Coach Jan Boborvsky
"Rivas played very well, we had trouble trying to stop them. It's so difficult to win when you allow so many points from your opponent, and many of them were easy points. Besides, we let them dominate the boards."

Rivas Ecópolis Head Coach Nacho Martínez
"We're very happy because both targets we had for this game were matched. First of all, it's a demonstration that all the work we've planned is going alright. And second, this team has a great concetration and heart. We knew that the key to this game was to set our rhythm right from the start, playing with quickness and playing an intelligent defense."

Frisco Brno player Jasmine Thomas Frisco Brno
"We have to learn to play away the same way we do at home. We struggled a lot on the defensive end, letting them score many points. That was the clear key to the game, we need to play defense like we do at home."

Rivas Ecópolis player Jelena Dubljevic
"We just have to care about our game and not focus on rivals. That's what we did today, set our tempo and be quick. That has always been the Rivas style, and we just recreated it in this game. Besides, many players were on good shooting streaks, which helped us to build this difference."


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