Quotes Tarbes GB vs. Perfumerias Avenida

11 January 2012

Tarbes head coach Pascal Pisan
"We do not play on the same technical level and the same intensity as a team like Salamanca. They kept the rhythm and a big success during all the match. We lost the second half-time only of 6 points, but we had lost too many points in the beginning of match. We gave them too many easy baskets because of our naivety on defense. To date, we have no team which can put a scare into Salamanca."

Tarbes small forward Pauline Krawczyk
"It is necessary to try to remain positive, they are the champions of Europe. We gave them too many opportunities for fast breaks. We had some moments of revolt which allowed us not to be outstripped more. It is necessary to use these errors to work and apply on Sunday."

Salamanca head coach Lucas Mondelo
"Our objective was to work on the circulation of the ball and the movement. We made a success well of our objectives counter-attack were very good. I am very satisfied with the intensity that was put during all the match, which is important for the following games. I am satisfied also to see that we made a success of 25 assists and that five girls scored more than ten points.

Salamanca center Lucia Pascua
"Our defense was important and allowed us to run several fast breaks. We also managed to hold the difference from 15 to 20 points during the entire match. It was very good teamwork, important for the match which waits for us in championship of Spain against Saragoza."


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