Quotes Avenida vs. Sopron

14 December 2011

Sopron Head Coach Norbert Székely
"It was very difficult playing here because Salamanca is the capital of women's basketball. They were a better team and we weren't ready for winning."

Perfumerias Avenida Head Coach Lucas Mondelo
"The important thing is not the result. It is only a consequence of hard work. Anyway, we have to change a lot of things that we are repeating in every game."

Sopron player Olexandra Kurasova
"They were a better team, definitely, and I don´t feel satisfied because we could do it in a different way. They were hard and more powerful."

Perfumerias Avenida player Anna Vadja
"I have been suffering because I wasn´t feeling well and I think I have recovered my best play and I have felt as a part of the team."


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