Quotes CCC Polkowice vs. Fenerbahce

07 December 2011

Fenerbahce Head Coach George Dikeoulakos
"I'm very happy that I come back to Poland. I've got a lot of good memories from this country. I want to congratulate CCC Polkowice. They played a really good game. Maybe they need something more to win. I don't know what, maybe experience. After the game between Salamanca and CCC we knew that it will be a tough game for us. Maltsi played really good today, Majewska too. We were close to losing but finally we won. We are a little bit tired. Now we need to work mentally."

CCC Head Coach Arkadiusz Rusin
"In the first half we played a good game and the surprise was near. After the break we weren't good enough. We had a lot of problems with turnovers. Fenerbahce dominated on the boards. This was our main problem. Our defense was not good
too. We were late a lot of times. Matović and Yilmaz made too many easy points."

Fenerbahce player Angel McCoughtry
"I think that CCC is a really good team. Here, in Polkowice play a lot of good players. Today we must work so hard to win. I think there was an exciting game."

CCC player Agnieszka Majewska
"This was a really hard tough game for us, for me especially. I need to fight with big, strong players. I try to do what I can best I can. For me it was a big effort. I hope that in next games we will play better."



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