Quotes Lotos Gdynia vs. Ros Casares Valencia

27 October 2011

Natalia Hejkova, Ros Casares coach:
"It was very important game for us. Our team is still not complete. Inn this game we also wanted to show good and attractive basketball. Our first half was very good, we controled the game, but we have a lot work to do. We have new players in our team so we had some problems on the court, but we will fix it."

Javier Fort Puente, Lotos Gdynia coach:
"Congratulations to Ros Casares. We tried to close their inside players, because they have very good [post] players. But from the beginning they played their basketball and we couldn't stop them. We have a lot work to do and we must win the next game to keep thinking about the next round."

Ann Wauters, Ros Casares:
"When we were coming here we knew that Lotos is very strong at home. As our coach said, our team is still incomplete. This week more players will arrive. Our first half was good. We had good moments , we knew who is where on the court. But We also have to work harder at practice to eliminate our mistakes."

Adrijana Knezevic, Lotos Gdynia:
"We knew that Ros Casares is one of the best team in Europe. But from the begining we didn't play our basketball, we didn't do what we did during practice. We couldn't stop them in the paint. We played better in the second half but it was very hard if you are down by 18 points. It was too much against a team like Ros Casares. Next week we have an important game against Bourges and we have to win!"




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