Bourges Basket head coach Valérie GARNIER
"It's a victory and it was a nice game. All players have time to play tonight. The only regret is the 19 turnovers but the result is here. We know Kaunas is a dangerous team because all the girls can score but we played good defense tonight. We will have a big game against Montpellier on saturday and playing agains Kaunas was really good to prepare for the game."

Bourges point guard Celine DUMERC
"It was a nice game tonight and we can feel the team playing together more and more. It was also good to give time to see the youngest Bourges players on the field."

Kaunas forward Aija PUTNINA
"It's always hard to come to play in Bourges. This game was our last game in EuroLeague this year but obviously we were not ready tonight. We also missed our American inside player. Without her it was just impossible to win tonight."

Kaunas head coach Mantas SERNIUS
"It was our last game but we were motivated to gain our 3rd victory. We made too many mistakes, missed a lot of shots and in Bourges it's too hard to win playing like this. The difference beetween our league and the EuroLeague is too big. We have to grow up more. Bourges is a smart team and tonight took the right decisions in the game."


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