Quotes UMMC Ekaterinburg vs. ZVVZ USK Prague

17 January 2012

UMMC forward Deana Nolan
"We had a good start, came out aggressive and were pushing the ball in the first half. In the third period we took a moment to relax and as a result they shortened the score difference and kicked out 15 points. Nevertheless it was a great game. "

UMMC Head Coach Algirdas Paulauskas
"I am happy that we won. Each game is very important for us. We had few of our players being ill, but fortunately everyone is ok now and we demonstrate good results. We started really good and fulfilled everything we planned to do. In the 3rd period we stopped playing in defense and started to show enthusiastic basketball when everyone was on his own and wanted to score. As a result we lost almost everything we gained. But I am satisfied that we managed to keep the game pace and had enough emotional and physical strength could end the game strong."

ZVVZ USK Prague forward Milton-Jones
"Today we had a real chance to play well, but in the first half we ended up in a big hole and suffered large score deficit. When you play against a talented team like UMMC it means a lot of trouble. In the 3rd quarter we came out were fighting hard and could lessen the score difference, but in the 4th kept on rushing and making mistakes letting UMMC win."

ZVVZ USK Prague Head Coach Lubor Blazek
"We started with a good atmosphere and wanted to fight, but were not aggressive enough in defense and it cost us a bad game. With a shooting efficiency like 39 % is not sufficient to win a team like UMMC even if you play in defense. Ekaterinburg was better in fast breaks and as a conclusion I can say that we didn't reach our own goal."



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