Quotes UMMC Ekaterinburg vs. Galatasaray


Galatasaray Head Coach Ceyhun Yildizoglu
"In the first half we did well on defense. Our team played a little different game from what we used to and could score first 4 points fast. In the second half having lost 15 points we started to play strong defense and managed to reduce the score difference to 4. But in the end we committed a lot of mistakes and allowed our opponent to score easy points."

UMMC Head Coach Algirdas Paulauskas
"Our fans enjoyed the game. We could do better but started to rush, maybe because everyone got tired. We couldn't hold Taurasi from scoring so our main task was to keep everyone else from assisting her. In the first part they played good team game with Charles. In the second half, we managed to cover her and it was the key to our success."

Galatasaray player Isil Alben
"We played a good game, especially at its beginning, but in the first part 3 of our main players got three fouls so we turned to hard defensive game. Our team likes to play defense. UMMC is a high class team of good players. In the end we had an opportunity to win and we kept on fighting. We still have our best game to happen."

UMMC forward Candace Parker
"It was a big game and we did a good job. We felt good coming home after the game in Turkey. In the first half we played close by and the score didn't change a lot. In the second part of the game we manage to run the floor, got speed, moved fast and played hard."


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