Quotes Ros Casares vs. Lotos Gdynia


Lotos Gdynia Head Coach Javier Fort
"We knew that our choices in this game were not to allow Ros Casares to play easy near the basket. I think we did it but they made shots of three points and they have been good in this today."

Ros Casares Head Coach Natalia Hejkov√°
"It was a little bit strange game because we started very well with tall people and this worked seven minutes. With the changes this was not the same. But I think this is the way that we can play in the future and we need more and more time to play like this."

Lotos Gdynia player Adrijana Knezevic
"We know that Ros Casares is a strong team, with four very good players inside. We tried to do our game and I think this time it was better than in Poland".

Ros Casares player Shay Murphy
"We need to grow like a team and sometimes we don't play strong enough and we miss some shots. When we miss, we have to have a stronger defense, like a team. So, we need to work to improve that."


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