Quotes VICI Aistes vs. Galatasaray


Galatasaray MP head coach Ceyhun Yildizoglu:
"We came here after losing two games. Today my players' concentration was good. We played strong from the beginning. We knew that VICI is best at pick and rolls and we did a good job stopping that. I hope next game we will play better."

Galatasaray player Ayse Cora:
"It was a good game for us, all players scored points. I think we played a great fast break offence. Also we stopped fast breaks of Kaunas and they didn't get easy fouls or points.

VICI-Aistes Kaunas point guard Rima Valentiene:
"We have to do what coach tells us in every game. Some of our players have to decide if they want to play basketball when they step up on the court."

Vici head coach Mantas Sernius:
"Every player had a specific task, especially players who did not start the game, but some of them failed to do their tasks. We missed injured Sandra Linkeviciene a lot because younger players weren't ready to play psychologically today. We must recover after all lost games."