Quotes Galatasaray Medical Park vs Ros Casares

23 November 2011
Galatasaray Medical Park Head Coach Ceyhun Yildizoglu:

"Today we played against a very strong team. They started very strong, especially defensively and we couldn't answer them. Of course we played without Alba Torrens but it doesn't matter. I cannot say we lost the game because of her absence. We are a team, we have to play sometimes without her or Diana, or Tina. The most important thing today is that we couldn't stop their offensive rebounds, they found easy baskets from second chance points. Also offensively we couldn't play our own basketball against their strong defence. We have to show a better offensive performances against like these teams. They scored from the paint, they have  tall players at the power forward and center positions."

Galatasaray Medical Park forward Gulsah Gumusay:
"First of all I want to say congratulations to Valencia, they played a very good game, they fought better than us, played better than us. Our scorers did not have the chance to make points and they did so. It was a tough game for us, we will see the next games."

Ros Casares forward Sancho Lyttle:
"We won easily, we made our shots that made it easy. They didn't make shots because we played good defence."

Ros Casares Head Coach Natalia Hejkova:
"For me, the key point is defence. Because Gala has nice shooters and we keep them at 19 points in the first half. So it was very important for us. We made shots but the important things is, that's done from different positions, everyone is dangerous. Maybe we suprised them, for example Palau scored 20 points, it's important because it gives much space for our post players."



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