Quotes Ros Casares vs. UMMC Ekaterinburg


Ros Casares head coach Natalia Hejkov√°:
"I'm very very happy about this game because this was perfect. We were down three quarters, but we showed so much heart in the last quarter, this is worth something. We didn't shoot well, we didn't play excellent offense but finally we showed what we can do it. Everybody was fighting and this is the key why we won this game".

UMMC head coach Algirdas Paulauskas:
"We started very well but in the last quarter we play very fast, hurried and did not have any flow. The opponents used it and they won. We didn't play clever".

Ros Casares forward Sancho Lyttle:
"The first three quarters we didn't play well. Shots went in and out, so I know that if we didn't play very well in the last quarter, we could have lost this game".

UMMC center Yelena Leuchanka:
"I'm really upset we played so well for three quarters but we went down in the four quarter. I think a score of four points is unacceptable. It is not about how you start, it is how you finish".


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