Quotes Galatasaray Medical Park vs. UMMC Ekaterinburg

26 October 2011
UMMC Ekaterinburg center Yelena Leuchanka:
"Of course you can always play better. We didn't get the job done on defense and [especially] on Diana [Taurasi]. I'm glad [this kind of] things happen in the beginning of the season so we have a lot of work to do."

UMMC Ekaterinburg Head Coach Algirdas Paulauskas:
"This wasn't our game, so we lost. We had some injured players. Candace Parker played today but maybe we should have played only our healthy players. It was a great game for Galatasaray and I just want to congratulate them."

Galatasaray Medical Park point guard Isil Alben:
"We knew that Ekaterinburg is a really great team, they have great players. We worked really good on our defense and their offenses. I think they fought on the court but we played together as a team. We are so happy but it's just the beginning, we have to stay focused and play better."

Galatasaray Medical Park Head Coach Ceyhun Yildizoglu:
"At the beginning we couldn't play good. But in the second half we came back, we played our basketball, defensively and offensively. Our point guard Isil [Alben] played really good today and all players fought hard. We played together, we played smart. We won of course and we are very happy. Now we will prepare for the next game. I want to congratulate my players and also Ekaterinburg."



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