Quotes Chevakata vs. Nantes Rezé


Nantes Reze Head Coach Laurent Buffard:
"We lost this game in the first half, making too many mistakes. As our center Sonja Kireta was not here, we had only two players on this position. Chevakata is the best team we played against in this competition. It was a tough European match on a very good level. It was physically hard for us to play. Besides, when we could shorten the difference, Mame Sy-Diop committed her fifth foul and Emilija Podrug has a problem with her ankle. Chevakata was better today."

BC Chevakata Head Coach Olga Shuneykina:
"Of course, we remembered the result of the first game. The players wanted to have their revenge. And the first half of the match showed our great spirit. Though the opponent could equalize the game, we were stronger and we won."

BC Chevakata player Anna Petrakova:
"From the very beginning we prepared for an aggressive fight, but we were sure that we would win. The only thing was to cope with our emotions and prove that we are stronger. Besides, when the fans supported us so much, we could not lose."


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