Quotes Dynamo vs. Elitzur Ramla


Sergey Schepotkin, Dynamo head coach:
"I want just to congratulate Elitzur Ramla. They were just better than we were. I wish them good luck in the next round."

Marina Kuzina, Dynamo player:
"I can't say exactly why we've lost today. There are too many reasons. It's basketball, it may happen."

Adan Inbar, Elitzur Ramla head coach:
"We deserved the win. We didn't think about the difference. We came here to win. I'm happy that we did it and I hope that we will continue in that way. Dynamo is a great team and a great club, that makes our win much happier."

Le'Coe Willingham, Elitzur Ramla player:
"We knew that it wouldn't be easy come here to Moscow and play on their homecourt. They are a very good team, they played well. I'm just really proud of my teammates. We were very committed in defence. Our defence created this win."


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