Nantes Rezé - Szeviép

Coach quotes

Laurent Buffard, Head Coach Nantes Rezé:
"We had a good offense with 93 points but our defense displease me. We have to play a better defense if we want to pass next round. I didn't like either Szeged defense. I think it's "border line", I don't understand referees alows that kind of play. This is dangerous.
(about the next round) We know Gyôr because we've already played this team. It's going to be much more difficult than Szeged so we've to be focus and work seriously. But tonight I'm happy our european goal is in reach."

Tamas Bencze, Head Coach Szeviép Szeged:
"First I want to say that we lost every chance in game one. Nantes Reze is a good team and lose by 25 points in our gym is too difficult to pass. My team is young and with only two center I couldn't imagine reaching the next round. Nantes had good rebounders, good offense and when we changed defense they made good three pointers. So tonight it's logical to lose here. I wish to Nantes good luck."


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