Quotes Jolly JBS Euroline vs. ESB Lille Metropole


Jolly JBS Euroline Head Coach Momir Milatovic:
"This victory means a lot to us. I think we won because we played very well in defense, especially because those great Lille players were hard to stop. For the past few days we've been working a lot and I was a little bit scared how fresh my team will be. We have one week to improve our offensive play, too. I would also like to congratulate the guest team for their fair play."

ESB Lille Metropole coach Head Coach Abdou N'Diaye:
"I would like to congratulate the Jolly JBS Euroline team for their victory. We had a lot of problems from the very beginning, mainly with fouls. That proved to be the biggest problem, considering that we lost Olayinka Sanni very early in the game. I believe that we can make these 12 points up and I am sure that my team will be complete in the second leg."


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