Quotes Minsk-2006 vs. Partizan Galenika


Marina Maljkovic, Partizan Galenika coach:
"We expected it to be a very tough game and it was very tough for both teams. Minsk played well but we looked better in some important moments and we worked throughout the 40 minutes. That is why we coped with Minsk in the first part of the match and then won it in the last quarter."

Milica Dabovic, Partizan Galenika player:
"From the first minute of the game we believed in our success and it helped us to do our best."

Viktoria Pantukh, Minsk-2006 player:
"Our coach told us that Partizan are very good in running offensive plays. We lost the battles under the basket. [Another reason for our defeat is that] before the game we believed too much in an easy win..."

Sergei Svetnik, head coach of Minsk-2006:
"I think our team is not ready to play against such strong opponents. In the first half of the game it was an ‘academic' sort of basketball and we played it well. And after that Partizan increased their speed while our players made a lot of mistakes."