Quotes ESB Lille Metropole vs. Lotto Young Cats


Abdou N'Diaye, Villeneuve d'Ascq coach:
"I'm happy with the team, when we played well during the first few minutes with a lot of fast breaks and assists but then we started to play individually and lost our rhythm."

Marjorie Carpréaux, Villeneuve d'Ascq player:
"The coach let all the players play and rest because we have a big game in the French championship on Saturday. We were able to put a gap between us and them and keep the 20 points distance all game long so this is a good thing."

Philip Mestdagh, Young Cats coach:
"We had a difficult first period physically. Villeneuve dominated the boards and the game was over after the first half. Our goal is not to win this specific game but to progress!"

Emma Meesseman, Young Cats player:
"It was super tough to play against their post players but I tried to do my best."


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