Quotes KRKA vs. Lukoil Academic


Bruno Šundov, player of Lukoil Academic:
"Both teams played on a high level so the game was very hard. Krka had a little advantage of home court but we fought quite well. Deciding was our longer bench while we managed to play on high level all 40 minutes."

Jovica Arsić, coach of Lukoil Academic:
"The game was good although both teams were a little nervous because of the importance of the game. We managed to be better in rebounds and that gave us a chance to win. We have good attackers on our team and with good rebounding we managed to win."

Dragiša Drobnjak, player of Krka:
"Congratulations to our opponent. They deserve to win although I'm not sure that they were much better. We play quite bad. We had a very good third quarter but at some moment in the final quarter we literally stopped to play. We'll try to win in Sofia and come back to Novo mesto."

Aleksandar Džikić, coach of Krka:
"Our players missed too many free throws and to many easy shots. On this level you have to realize that otherwise you'll loose. We are able to play with them and we showed that in some periods of tonight's match, but sometimes my younger players lost concentration. But that's the price of playing with younger players. In addition to that our two important players played ill. I hope they will be better on Thursday. I hope we'll be back in Novo mesto but still this is a big success for us."