Quotes BK Ventspils vs. Norrköping Dolphins

22 February 2011

Dolphins Head Coach Kelly Grant:
"I want to congratulate Ventspils with victory. They played very good tonight. The problem of our team was a very bad defence. The fact that some of our leading players have injuries is not an excuse."

Dolphins player Oladapo Ayuba:
"Ventspils played a very good game, they came out aggressive from the beginning of the game. Later on Ventspils took the lead and it was very hard to reduce the point diference. We tried to fight, but we could not succeed."

Ventspils Head Coach Guntis Endzels:
"Firstly, I want to congratulate the team with getting into the next round. We conducted the rhythm of today' s game and everything went according to our plan. We had a good offence, we managed to score three point shots and prevented their best players from scoring important shots."

Ventspils player Arturs Berzins:
"We started the game very well; the game was ours. We knew how to use the weak points of our oponents and we managed to fulfil our task defensively. The game was played according to our scenario."


22.02.2011 - EuroChallenge

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