Quotes Spartak vs. Lukoil Academic


Lukoil Head Coach Jovica Arsic:
"Spartak is a very good team. We had to play good basketball in this match during all 40 minutes but we couldn't do it. We had a chance to win in the last quarter but it didn't happen. When we led by 7 points we couldn't pay much attention only on our defence, because we needed to win the match by 10 points."

Spartak Head Coach Zvi Shef:
"Today Spartak went to the quarterfinal of Eurochallenge from the first place in the group. I congratulate the players, my assistants, everybody who connects with our team. This game became the check for the team how to behave after the victory in the game with CSKA. And we couldn't manage with this check at the beginning. Then we came back and that had another down in the match. Some players got injured but I hope everything will be ok."

Spartak player Pero Antic:
"We had up and downs in the game. But it's basketball, everything can happen here. And that is why we like basketball. We won and that's the most important. The result is the most important thing. We don't think about our rival in the quarterfinals. Now we are only glad that we won."


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