Quotes Lukoil Academic vs. Spartak


Zvi Sherf, head coach Spartak St. Petersburg:
"It was a good game and I would like to congratulate my players. In any case this is a very important win. We had some worries that our loss against the team of Lokomotiv Kuban, as well as the tragedy at the Domodedovo airport in Moscow at which we were just the previous day, could have a negative influence over the players. We played a weak second quarter but we came back strong in the second half and eventually won. I'm sure that LUKOIL will come in St. Peterburg looking for a win."

Pero Antic, Spartak St. Petersburg player:
"It was a very difficult game. We won because we were able to play significantly better in the second half on both sides. LUKOIL is a very serious team and I'm positive that they are our main competitors for the first position in the group. This is why I cannot really say if we will end up winning this group I."

Jovica Arsic, head coach LUKOIL Academic:
"We had some significant problems organizing our offensive game tonight although we played well in defense. We were able to keep the score tied because of the great shooting of Stojanovski. However we had trouble on the point guard position. Perhaps there were some mistakes made by the referees of the game tonight but it wasn't something that really influenced the outcome of the game."

Travis Peterson, LUKOIL Academic player:
"Spartak are a very good team. We had a great start tonight entering the game but unfortunately we were able to play well enough only until the end of the second quarter. We didn't play that well in the second half, we were unable to execute and score in offense and Spartak played aggressive defense. We should pick up our defense in order to improve our game."




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