Quotes Barak Netanya vs. Lukoil Academic


Lukoil Academic Head Coach Jovica Arsic:
"I expected a better game by both teams, but the game didn't mean much and it was evident on the court. Netanya played aggressive inside to dominate in the first quarter and we were forced to make adjustments."

Barak Netanya Head Coach Arik Elfasi:
"This brings an end to our European campaign for the year. All in all it was a great experience for our team to be in the competition, and our club should be proud of its accomplishments to be in the final 16 of the EuroChallenge. I hope this will be part of an ongoing tradition for our organization."

Barak Netanya Captain Eliran Guetta:
"It was a great experience to participate in the EuroChallenge competition. I am proud of our club and organization for such a great accomplishment being among the final 16 teams. We fought hard and will hold our heads high, waiting for our return to the competition next year."


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