Quotes Antwerp Giants vs. Lokomotiv Kuban


Antwerp Head Coach Eddy Casteels:
"My team has fought hard. I want to congratulate them with the victory. Krasnodar Lokomotiv is my favorite in this group. "

Antwerp Player Tim Black:
"The key of the game was Salah Mejri and our dominance in the rebound. It is also important to started the group stage of EuroChallenge with a victory."

Kuban Head Coach Kestutis Kemzura:
"We knew that here in Antwerp it would be no easy. Yet we had chances but we failed in moneytime. My congratulations to the Giants. "

Kuban Player Lionel Chalmers:
"I played last season with Krasnoyarsk against Antwerp Giants. Most players have stayed and I alerted my team what's the strength of this team. Losing after two overtimes hurts. This is a European missed opportunity.


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