Quotes KRKA vs. Telekom Baskets


Telekom Baskets Head Coach Michael Koch:
"Congratulations to Krka for this win tonight and advancing in the next round. Both teams are able to play better and this game was more than less meaningless. We were trying some things from our practicing and try to come back some players that were injured before this game. It's not easy to win against Krka in their hall but it was quite good test for us."

Telekom Baskets player Patrick Flomo:
"They played a very good game and it looks to me that they played to their game plan. That was my first game after the injury ant for me it was important to come back to the court. It was not bad, we played like we did in practice and that was good."

Krka Head Coach Aleksandar Džikić:
"Congratulations to my players to win this group. I gave all my healthy players chance tonight and they played quite good. It was important for us to win this game. It's a pity that so small number of people came to watch this game because some of our players are the future of Slovenian basketball."

Krka player Edo Murić:
"Telekom is very experienced team with very good players. The game was not as tough as it looks from the result. We were better in all parts of the game and I hope that we will play like this still in the future."


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