Quotes BC NN vs. Szolnoki Olaj


Zoran Lukic, Head coach of BC Nizny Novgorod:
"At some moments we played not in the best way, hurt ourselves more than our rivals hurt us. Anyway, by this victory we proved that we became participants of the EuroChallenge not accidentally. As you know, recently Szolnoki confidently beat Spartak, but today we won the game. This victoty is very important for us because it will help our team to get ready for the next game with Enisey within the framework of the Russian Professional Basketball League. I want to thank all the players of my team for this victory, it's the best present to the New Year. "

Peter Por, Head coach of BC Szolnoki Olaj
"It was a very difficult game. In the last match BC NN showed us a very good defence and we expected that they would struggle even more persistent while playing the home match. The rival controlled this game and forsed us do a lot of mistakes. As a result - plenty of turnovers from us. What's more, we usually are good at three-point shooting, but today we were not so good."

Marton Bader, player of BC Szolnoki Olaj:
"Of course our team is disappointed with this defeat. But it should be noted that BC NN is a rather strong team. In spite of the fact that NN didn't win any game before, the team looks very good. It's a very difficult period for our team because we travel a lot, so we all are tired both physically and mentally."

Ivan Paunic, player of BC NN:
"It is evident that we finished our participation in EuroChallenge, but we played a very good game today. We were concentrated during the whole match, and it helped us to win. In the previous games either we lacked the concentration or the run of luck went against us as we lost only a few points. But NN is a young team, and the participation in this tournament is a great experience for us."


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