Quotes Spartak vs. BCM Gravelines Dunkerque


Spartak Guard Anton Ponkrashov:
"We forgot the game which we had in Gravelines. We knew that our rivals came here and tried to play better. We understood that the game would be difficult. The game in France was one of our best games in the season. Gravelines prepared for this team, they learned us, they knew us."

Gravelines Head Coach Cristian Monschau:
"It was an interesting game. Spartak played well and they deserved to win. They had to make a lot of big shoots but we missed open shoots. And the diffrence is only 8 points.
Now we'll have a decisive game with Szolnok Olaj next week."

Spartak head Coach Zvi Sherf:
"I am happy that we won. This result and also the result in the match NIzhny Novgorod - Szolnok Olai permit us to be the first in our group. We had some good minutes and some bad minutes in the game. We made too many turnovers. And I can't understand some of them. But I am happy that we qualified for the next round. Now we'll prepare for a very ! important game with Lokomotiv in PBL."


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