Quotes UMMC Ekaterinburg vs. Ros Casares


UMMC Guard Cappie Pondexter:
"The game for the 3rd place was very complicated for both teams, but we worked hard."

UMMC Head Coach Gundars Vetra:
"I hope you understand it was not the game we were eager to play. I hope you understand how hard it was for a coach to say the same words for the third time: 'We failed to win the first game, now we must concentrate, and do our best in this one.' For the first time it was a misfortune, for the second - a failure, but now it was a great failure. It was a hard task to motivate the team. The players were nervous in the beginning; we couldn't demonstrate our usual play. But when tiredness de-stressed the girls, they started to play aggressively and more confident. I want to congratulate our team on their win, though it was not the win we waited for."

Ros Casares Center Rebekkah Brunson:
"We've made a great effort, fighting with UMMC. It is a very strong team, and they have a lot of great players. It was hard to play against this opponent, but we have made an effort to win."

Ros Casares Head Coach Natalia Hejkova:
"We tried to fight, but we have no such players, like UMMC - leaders of WNBA teams. Our bench is shorter. We tried to make a surprise for the opponents, used zone defense and one-to-one, but it didn't help us. At least, we've tried. And I must thank our players for the work they have done."


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