Quotes Ros Casares vs. Halcon Avenida


Halcon Avenida Head Coach Lucas Mondelo:
"I think the result was foreseeable. The key for us was fixing the problem and trying to solve it. We played aggressively, in the first half we suffered from pick-and-rolls, but in the second, we controlled the offensive rebounds."

Halcon Avenida player Anke De Mondt:
"We are really happy, very excited with our win in the Final Four. We came a little nervous, but then we got up steam, and worked as a really good team. We know how to play. We are really a big team, and we are ready for the Final. In the second half our fans helped us a lot."

Ros Casares Valencia Head Coach Natalia Hejkova:
"The first reason of our defeat is the good game of Salamanca. But in many situations it was our fault. Our defense was pretty good - 60 points - it's OK. Just 49 is not very good for us. Our tall players were not properly working under the basket - Brunson and Abromaite were not scoring. They lost self-confidence, and were not ready to fight. The problem is that we had lost one of our centers, and the last ten days we played 5 to 5 in practices.

Ros Casares Valencia player Edwige Lawson:
"We played a solid game in the first half, while in the second we missed shots. If you don't score, you cannot win a basketball game."


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