Quotes UMMC Ekaterinburg vs. Cras Basket Taranto


Cras Basket Taranto Head Coach Roberto Ricchini:
"This was a game, where we played three quarters out of four. The tall players of UMMC played better under the boards, and on Friday we need to improve our work under the boards. Basically, we need to move forward, to focus on our play, to grab more rebounds."

Cras Basket Taranto player Michelle Greco:
"We are disappointed with our defeat, it was difficult to play against UMMC, and difficult to play after the flight; we tried to fight for the rebounds, but lost. At home we'll pay attention both to offense and defense, and it will be a different story."

UMMC Ekaterinburg Head Coach Gundars Vetra:
"In the play-offs you start each game from 0-0. We have no time to celebrate the win, we must prepare for the second game. After Rivas we increased the intensity of our practices, and time shows, that our ten-day plan was correct. Now Deanna Nolan has joined the team after her muscle injury, and though Zuzana Zirkova cannot yet play because of her back problem, I hope our roster problems are solved. We let our opponent make only 51 points, the result of our work in defense is not bad, I suppose."


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