Quotes Avenida vs. Wisla


Wisla Can-Pack Head Coach Jose Hernandez:
"We started pretty well, controling the rebound wich was one of the keys against this Avenida team, but the 2nd foul called on Leuchanka hurt us a lot and that, added to Avenida's accuracy in the 2nd quarter made us lose hope and our team is not mentally tough enough to overcome this kind of ambience. The difference is not important. We have a game on Friday where if we win we tie the series, so it is not a matter of difference but of making things right at home"

Halcon Avenida Head Coach Coach Lucas Mondelo:
 "The team got to this game in a great moment and feeling good with ourselves. This team when the players feel good and are focused is very difficult to beat. You can always improve and we have to improve to get in a better position to the next game but we played a great game today and we have to enjoy it tonight and prepare for the next game"


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