Quotes Sparta&K M. R. Vidnoje vs. Beretta-Famila


Pokey Chatman, Sparta&K M.R. Vidnoje coach:
"Our veteran athletes stepped up and brought us to the next round. It was clear that they did not want this EuroLeague season to finish. We planned to keep our opponents around 60 points and we succeeded. Now we have to continue the hard work for the next round."

Taj McWilliams, Sparta&K M.R. Vidnoje coach:
"It was a tough game, a real war. We made some great defensive stops which in combination with some crucial offensive rebounds brought us the desired result. Osipova was the key, especially in the last minutes. We need to play like this the whole game."

Sandro Orlando, Beretta-Famila Schio coach:
"Some of our key players got into foul trouble and that really hurt us. We tried to get the ball into the paint but we were not as successful as we had hoped. Also with one of our key players, Leron Cohen, not on a good day it was difficult to win against this very good Sparta&K team."

Chiara Pastore, Beretta-Famila Schio captain:
"We did not play with the same intensity throughout the game and that is what cost us. Especially in the last half they made us lose our concentration."


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