Quotes Bourges vs. Good Angels Kosice


Pierre Vincent, Bourges coach:
"I am very proud of my team for winning this difficult game. They found the offensive solutions [when needed]. The team showed that they sometime miss the experience and want to put more power into their game, but each team has its own limits. Tonight, Bourges team showed that they are a stable team."

Catherine Joens, Bourges player:

"It was a very exciting game with a constant change in the lead. We made a collective effort, we fought even when we were missing some shots; with all the fans behind us it helped us win this game."

Stefan Svitek, Good Angels Kosice coach:
"I feel down as we had a chance to win this game. I pushed the team but we encountered some difficulties in [playing] defense. We kept fighting but the match was lost in the last quarter."


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