Quotes ZVVZ USK Prague vs. Cras Basket Taranto

04 February 2011

Cras Basket Taranto coach, Roberto Ricchini:
"We tried to get better in rebounding and also change our defense because in Taranto we were not as aggressive as in today´s game. We reacted better today and didn't leave the game just like it happened in Taranto on Tuesday. It doesn't matter if we play home or away, the game is important."

Cras Basket Taranto player, Dubravka Dacic:
"It was a great game. In Taranto we just left the game and watched from outside how ZVVZ USK Prague are winning. Our reaction in Prague was very important for us; we were trying to find the energy and right mentality to react, because we really needed to win this game. And we showed that we can.

ZVVZ USK Prague coach, Lubor Blažek:
"Taranto played well in offense and were better in shooting. They have learned from the first game and were better in rebounding."

ZVVZ USK Prague player, Delisha Milton-Jones:
"Taranto did what they were supposed to do. Both teams played hard. Many things we did to them in Taranto they did to us [today], with the rebounding, defensively - they increased their intensity, they were more aggressive and physical on the perimeter."



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