Quotes Cras Basket Taranto vs. ZVVZ USK Prague

01 February 2011

Cras Basket Coach Roberto Ricchini:
"We only lost the battle, not the war. I have already looked my players in their eyes, I feel the revange in Prague. But It's important finding our basketball. It's necessary playing with concentracing and bad racing."

Cras Player Megan Mahoney:
"We regret the defeat. We have started the match well, playing a good first half time. Then, from third period we have been a blackout, while Prague scored from different positions. For the game in Prague we will reinforce our intentions. It's importante fighting in the match for balancing the series."

ZVVZ USK Prague coach Lubor Blazek:
"This is an important victory, because it was essential to conquer the first advantage in the EuroLeague second round. My team did it by spending all its energy available, showing new strength and intelligence. Now we will try to qualify at home, but serve to provide a new important performance".

Prague Player Lindsay Whalen:
"We have played a good match. It wasn't easy winning versus an important team, but with intensity and competitiveness we hit the target".


01.02.2011 - EuroLeague Women

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