Quotes Rivas Ecópolis vs. UMMC Ekaterinburg

04 February 2011

Javier Fort, Rivas Ecopolis coach:
"My players were very tired tonight, following our long journey back from Russia . We are very happy with our work in this round because we did our best in both games. We played against the most difficult team in Europe and we have competed in Ekaterinburg and here. We are talking about the great favourite to win this EuroLeague."

Laura Nicholls, Rivas Ecopolis player:
"You must do a great job to play overtime against a team like UMMC Ekaterinburg. You also need a little bit of luck to win but I'm satisfied with the team's work. The key of our game was to not allow them to run and receive the ball but it was almost impossible [to execute it]. We must focus on the Spanish League now."

Gundars Vetra, UMMC Ekaterinburg coach:
"Rivas Ecopolis really improved during this season. They have become a better team, despite the problems [they had]. If you look at the rosters our team seems better but only five players performed well on the court tonight. We stayed with our game plan and we broke their game, that's why we won it. We want to win every game, going step by step and we want to see who's our next opponent. Our goal is still intact: to win the EuroLeague."

Candace Parker, UMMC Ekaterinburg player:
"It was a very important win for us. I think we came out and played well. We knew they were a great team and it was hard to win on the road again. This year the EuroLeague is crazy. There are a bunch of good teams so let's see what happens in the next couple of weeks."



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