Quotes Pécs 2010 vs. Halcon Avenida

04 February 2011

Pécs 2010 head coach, Zeljko Dokic:
"Tonight we played an excellent game in front of the wonderful Pecs supporters. I can be just proud on my team. I think during this EuroLeague season [we gathered] good experience for the future. Congratulations to Halcon Avenida and good luck to them!"

Pécs 2010 player, Dalma Ivanyi:
"I am so sad. It was our last game. We did our best but it was not enough. The wind blew against us."

Halcon Avenida head coach, Lucas Mondelo:
"It was a really great game. We changed a couple of things, step by step during the game. We practiced a lot against Pecs 2010 because we knew that they are really strong. I am very satisfied with our two games [against them]."

Halcon Avenida player, Marta Xargay:
"I am very happy . Our defence was okay. Both teams were full of energy but our last efforts were really good."




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