Quotes Frisco Sika Brno vs. Gorzow


Jan Bobrovsky, coach of Frisco Sika Brno:
"I've been unable to explain what our players learned from previous failures. In the first half-hour the game looked as a fight for dear life. I have not seen from us so weak performance - in any game. In offence the players did not believe in themselves. Eldebrink, who is a shooter, could not score any points in the first period. In the end of the game we led by three points and let our rivals to even the shot for three points. I'm glad we won."

Dariusz Maciejewski, coach of Gorzów:
"Our performance was very bad. I believed that we came here to win. But we lost this match ourselves, because we played bad under the basket. Ford had twenty rebounds. We kept a balanced game, we lost only because of the rebounding."


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