Quotes Bourges Basket vs. Ros Casares Valencia

08 December 2010

Jordi Fernandez, Ros Casares coach:
"We knew the game would be very difficult. Bourges were more aggressive and found the solutions to be efficient in the end."

Laia Palau, Ros Casares player:
"The mentality of Bourges has helped them win the game. They were able to find solutions."

Pierre Vincent, Bourges coach:
"It took some time before we finally got into the game but then succeeded into putting in place a good strategy to contain Valencia and particularly Palau. We adjusted our plans many a time during the game to find the best solutions to win the match."

Anael Lardy, Bourges player:
"All of us wanted to play a better game and we got ourselves under pressure to correct all the mistakes w were making. This match is a good lesson learnt for the future ones."


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