Coach and players quotes


Dariusz Maciejewski, Head Coach Gorzow:
"We played two different part of the game. In first half we played very well in defense. But players from Bourges are very effective. Bourges is a complete team. We didn't have a chance today. Players from Bourges were too fast and too good for us."

Pierre Vincent, Head Coach Bourges:
"I still remember our loss last season. It was very sad. Today I'm so happy. We won in second half of a good game."

Justyna ┼╗urowska, Gorzow:
"Bourges team was perfect under basket and out of paint. Each player scored and played very good in defence. In the moments we couldn't do anything."

Catherine Joens, Bourges:
"After first half were lost. We had to change something in our game. In second half we played with heart. And that was a key to win."


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