Jan Bobrovsk√Ĺ, Head Coach Frisco Sika Brno:
"The game took the same course as our last performance against Bourges. Today we have led with even bigger difference. We can not even win when leading by fourteen points, if Ford is scoring alone. Other players must join. In conclusion, it looks as if we are afraind of something. Our loss was not because of physical fitness, but because of thinking. Although some theoretical possibility to qualify still exists. Halvarsson played very well only in the first half and Eldebrink the entire match."

Sandro Orlando, Head Coach Beretta-Famila Schio:
"It was not the same team of Brno which lost the game in Schio. I must congratulate coach Jan Bobrovsky. Brno played very good game. I am very happy that our team didn't loose the confidence. We played ball after ball, we broke our bad performance and played in the end of the game better. We had a troubles playing against Cheryl Ford and I was surprised with Stehlikova. She played very good game, very good shooting. I am pleased we beat very strong team and keep the second place in group D."


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