Quotes Ros Casares vs. Frisco Sika Brno


Jordi Fernández, Ciudad Ros Casares Coach:
"The first half was poor on defense and we missed speed on attack, but there are possibilities to get to 10-0 in spite of we think it will not be easy".

Vlastimil Havlik, Frisco Sika Brno Asistant Coach:
"Is not easy for us play with only ten players, rotations has been difficult to link and Ciudad Ros Casares have players with hig quality like Brunson."

Marta Fernández, Ciudad Ros Casares Player:
"It cost us more than we thought but they have done a great game. Our team has worked very hard and we're trying to do 10-0 to arrive at the Final Four with more possibilities."

Cheryl Ford, Frisco Sika Brno player:
"Ciudad Ros Casares has played a great game. It was a great team and it is not easy to win in their gym."


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