Quotes Nadezhda vs. Beretta-Famila Schio


Sandro Orlando ,Beretta-Famila coach:
"It was a hard match for our team. We lost too many rebounds, did not have time to be protected. Hard to play when the team does not make the balls from the right position. All my players had a low shooting percentage, and that's also a reason we could not win today's match."

Liron Cohen, Beretta-Famila player:
"Congratulations to Nadezhda for their victory in this entertaining match. In the third quarter we lost control of the ball, and in the fourth period we tried hard to catch up with the home team, but in the end we did not have the extra two points."

Alexander Yermolinsky, Nadezhda assistant coach:
"Our team was not in its optimal roster for this game. Today we played only seven players, but we definitely had to win this match as a defeat would complicate our group situation. We took this game very seriously and prepared carefully for it. As a result, our team has played to their limits and won the duel."

Olga Ovcharenko, Nadezhda player:
"Today, our team game was not very good. We made mistakes in what was a tough game. At the very end of the match we almost lost, but we got lucky. In the end we took what is our first and very important victory."


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