Quotes Ros Casares vs. Gorzow


Jordi Fernández, Ciudad Ros Casares coach:
"Gorzow is a team that always go out to win, they are not easy. Although I liked the way we played on defense, we started the game with too much anxiety and that is something we must improve for the next games."

Dariusz Maciejewski, KSSSE AZS-PWSZ Gorzow Coach:
"We played pretty well and the point difference is not too wide in spite of having some problems in offense. We`ve done a good job, but Ciudad Ros Casares were better."

Núria Martínez, Ciudad Ros Casares player:
"This has been a decisive victory to remain first in the classification, although it is true that it was hard-earned. But in the end we achieved our goal."

Yelena Leuchanka,KSSSE AZS-PWSZ Gorzow player:
"Ciudad Ros Casares is a great team, they play hard every time. Our fight was good although it was not enough to win, but we have to continue working, because it`s only our second season in Europe and I think we could make a great things together with this team."


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